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Created28.07.2017 20:27

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 28.07.2017 20:27
Hi there. I'm new to modding so bear with me. I created a new mod from the stock flieglDPW180.id3 file. I exported the fliegl_vis to id3 file and edited it in blender, then exported it back to id3 file. I then imported the new file into giants editor and replaced the stock fliegl_vis with the new fliegl_vis. I saved the mod, but when I buy it in game, it flouts in the air. What am I doing wrong here.

Bjarne Deleers (bjarnedeleers) 28.07.2017 22:10
do you have set the regid body like the old one?

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 29.07.2017 00:31
The old fliegl_vis has no rigid body but the new one does. The only place rigid body shows is in the main flieglDPW180. Should I change the new fliegl_vis to the rigid body settings in the main flieglDPW180. ??


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