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Created04.08.2017 06:17

Rok Galun (grmodding) 04.08.2017 06:17
Hello Emil. I need your help. I write in xml. of mod and modDesc somename of mod and log. write me unknow vehicle type. Why? I wrote the same name in both file. Actually i have the same problem always when i wrote some vehucle type name. Can you help me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.08.2017 09:09

there can be numerous reasons for this.
If you upload the files to a site like pastebin to show us the contents of your files we might be able to help you.


Rok Galun (grmodding) 04.08.2017 14:51
Hey. Here you go a pictures of problem...

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.08.2017 15:09

hmmm, actually that looks okay.

Do you have multiple "vehicleTypes" sections?
(There's only one allowed, but you can use multiple "vehicleTypes.type" sections)
Could you please upload the complete files, because the screenshots do not show the complete content of the files ;-)

Maybe a specialization failed to load?

Just to make sure ... .do you have both files in the same mod directory?

What is the exact error message in your log.txt?
(Eventually upload it too)


Rok Galun (grmodding) 04.08.2017 17:05
Hi Emil. First of all do you have some other contact account? If you have Please add me on FB or somewhere alse with name Rok As Agri Galun.
I dont know what you mean with multiple sections?

Here is a pack of xml, modDesc and log.txt:

Yes i have all files in the same mod directory.

Just let you know that i have the same problems with all other vehicle types. Only basic works but i want other name.

Thank for help :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.08.2017 06:54

thanks for uploading the files.

There is an error message which tells you what's wrong ...

Error: Not all prerequisites of specialization drivable are fulfilled

So, Drivable not only requires:
Motorized, but also Steerable, Lights and AttacherJoints

Adding the AttacherJoints specialization to your vehicle definition should solve the problem.


Rok Galun (grmodding) 07.08.2017 08:29
Thank you very much :)

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