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Created05.08.2017 23:40

Kent Olsson (Unknown) 05.08.2017 23:40
I´m working on a modified version of Goldcrest map.
In modDesc.xml there is an entry pointing to mission00.lua:
<map id="SampleModMap" className="Mission00" filename="$dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua"

What´s that actually doing? I´ve removed all fields but one, and all mission triggers. Is it safe to delete this entries or will that mess things up?
There will be no fieldmissions at all in the map.

And a second question while i´m at it. Whats the easiest way to place default vehicles on my new map. I¨ve deleted all vehicles and placeables from defaultVehicles.xml and want to put in all new ones.
What entries are necessary to put in the .xml file?

Is it possible to place vehickles NOT owned by player. Like for example a telehandler at the shop to load pallets I buy there. And if so, will it
still be in my tab-list when I change vehicle?

by trial and error it seems to me that if I put a vehicle in defaulVehicles and set propertyState=0 i lease the vehicle. I can return it to the shop but dont sell it. HOWEVER i don´t have to pay any leasin cost. At least not the Daily cost.

Removed className="Mission00" filename="$dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua" from modDesc but haven´t noticed any Changes. Still can do missions and get payed.
I still would like to know what these values are for...

Cheers /Kent73

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.08.2017 07:13

this line
<map id="SampleModMap" className="Mission00" filename="$dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua"
defines the "id" of your mod map and which class should be used for the "ingame experience" (basic mission/game logic).
(e.g. for tutorials we different files)
Keep it as it is.

You can delete as many fields (and their triggers) as you want, but keep at least one valid field.

For the defaultVehicles.xml - please have a look at the default files.
You could start a new savegame, cheat some money, buy all the vehicles and place/park them where you want them to be on start of a new game.
Afterwards you can copy vehicle locations from the savegame into your defaultVehicles.xml


Giants Editor (Wolf25) 05.10.2017 12:29

how to fix

Disabled withering
Warning (Script): Unknown entity id 0 in method 'getNumOfChildren'.
LUA call stack:
dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua (2630) : getNumOfChildren
dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua (253) : loadI3D
dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua (130) : loadAdditionalFiles
=C:/Users/wyndi/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_choppedStraw/register.lua (71) : original_loadMission00Finished
dataS/scripts/utils/Utils.lua (1858) : oldFunc
dataS/scripts/FSBaseMission.lua (1745) : asyncCallbackFunction
Error: Running LUA method 'loadMapFinished'.
dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua(2630) : attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.10.2017 09:25

the problem is caused by a mod.
So, it would be best to ask the author of the mod for a solution.


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