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Foliage Layer Painting issue

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Created15.08.2017 21:33

Van Houdt (vanHoudt) 15.08.2017 21:33

I am currently working on a map and all seems to go well, but suddenly all new Foliage grass does not show up ingame anymore, while I still can see it in GE7.1. I'm using grass 2,5 and 2,6.
The weird thing is that all the grass placed before yesterday still shows up ingame.

Can this be some setting I messed up?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.08.2017 07:44

you need to start a new savegame, if you've adjusted the foliage.


Van Houdt (vanHoudt) 18.08.2017 10:18
Thank you very much!


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