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Created25.08.2017 19:38

Jeffrey May (Unknown) 25.08.2017 19:38
I've been trying for the last week on and off to get some help with a few bugs this truck has and it appears nobody really cares to share how to go about fixing it even with offering to have the mod as their own to use if wanted/needed. I guess the value in that is slim to none.

Ok so here are the problems

Error: Failed to open xml file ''.
C:/Users/daman/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/RJK_Cornado/CoronadoSD.i3d (827.47) ms
Warning: 'aiTrafficCollisionTrigger' is not a kinematic body type
Warning (Script): Entity 'coronas' has invalid type in method 'getLightColor'.
LUA call stack:
dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Lights.lua (64) : getLightColor
dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Lights.lua (88) : loadLights
dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Lights.lua (160) : loadLightSetup
dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua (627)
dataS/scripts/utils/Utils.lua (1138) : asyncCallbackFunction

This truck had a ton of issues, I fixed all but these as I do not know how to fix them. When it gives a error regarding xml I do not know which xml it is pointing to as the truck loads into game fully functioning. The ai collision trigger it is giving error for is set to kinematic in GE I was told to change the collision type but not told to which one. As for the lua error someone said to change coronas, I updated the coronas and still has errors. Can someone show me a example or tell me how to fix these? Thanks!

R Harris (Unknown) 29.08.2017 16:29
This one aiTrafficCollisionTrigger needs to be set to kinematic, But what it sounds like to me is you have the wrong index number in the xml under the aiTrafficCollisionTrigger, if you moved things around in the i3d mod you will need to check the path of the index.

And the Warning (Script): Entity 'coronas' has invalid type in method 'getLightColor'.... this is something to do with your lights

defaultColor = {getLightColor(realLight)};

local light = Lights.loadLights(self, xmlFile, lightKey)

numLowLightTypes = Lights.loadLightSetup(self, self.xmlFile, "vehicle.lights.low", self.lights.low, realLightToLight); sound to me it's something to do with your real light on the low side

All can be found here look for the number of the lua but it's something to do with your lights maybe wrong index numbers.

Jeffrey May (Unknown) 03.09.2017 04:03
Thanks for the reply, will look into it!

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