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Created28.08.2017 23:28

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 28.08.2017 23:28
Hi there. I'm having problems with my new mod I created. I added a trailer fame to the SL 80-22 Quantum in blender so you can tow it and load your trailers. I added an Attacher Point but the tractor just drives right through it.When tou frist buy, it's floating in the air. You can attach to it and it stops floating but the other end won't attach. I put it on mediafire, so someone can download it and see what I did wrong.
The Link Is Below...

Please someone help me.........

R Harris (Unknown) 29.08.2017 16:12
Here you go I fixed it the way you wanted and here is the fixed mod if you want it but I would take yours and copy what I did so you know what to do next time.

What I did frame_vis was set to Static

The attacherJointRear had implement You need this trailer or trailerLow or Both. and you needed to replace attacherJointRear with inputAttacherJoint.

I removed this <inputAttacherJointRear index="0>15" jointType="implement" needsToolbar="true" needsLowering="false" allowsLowering="false" lowerDistanceToGround="0.632" upperDistanceToGround="0.632" lowerRotLimitScale="1 3.2 2" upperRotLimitScale="1 3.2 2" upperTransLimitScale="0 1 0"/>

And replaced it with <inputAttacherJoint index="0>15" jointType="trailerLow" needsToolbar="false" needsLowering="false" allowsLowering="false" />

And Add new line of code <inputAttacherJoint index="0>15" jointType="trailer" needsToolbar="false" needsLowering="false" allowsLowering="false" />

This way you can use all trucks.

Good day ;)


Terry Lyle (Unknown) 30.08.2017 22:18
Thanks very much for fixing it Rambow145. It works great. I still need to make some more adjustments in blender, but I'm well on my way tanks to you. Great job....

R Harris (Unknown) 31.08.2017 07:10
You're welcome, I am happy I could help. And nice job on what you made.

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