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Allowed fruittypes to fields

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Created13.09.2017 11:06

Krists U (Kristsu) 13.09.2017 11:06
Is it possible to disallow certain fruittype to certain fields? I need only one fruittype to certain field.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.09.2017 07:34

by default this is not possible.
A custom script could change this.
But it would be tricky to implement it perfectly, because a player can enlarge the field by using a plow.


Krists U (Kristsu) 19.09.2017 09:42
Thanks Emil for answer. One more question:
I want to make new fruittype, which after harvesting continuous to growth on stage 2 and don't need seeding, like grass. I make this in map and this work fine, but the problem is when i switch withering on, my new fruittype is withering like wheat or other similar fruits. What should i do to prevent the withering stage?

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 24.09.2017 13:54
I can't give you the absolute correct answer without looking in my pc but I believe either in the map i3d file or the fruit reg in the map mod desc u set the growth stage and wither so it never hits wither if that makes any sense?

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