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Created17.09.2017 11:09

Gabi Barbus (Unknown) 17.09.2017 11:09
So i'm working on a map and i already made like 50% of it and i noticed some errors, when i try to plow or to cultivate a field the tractors starts to go round and round and the texture is not changing at all and after some time everything is freezing, i can't move, i hit "esc" and nothing happens but the game is still running, the trees are moving, the cars as well. I made the fields with 0 channel, then i laid all the field textures and with everyone does the same thing and on the original map this isn't happening. I really want to make this problem go away, i worked alone the entire summer and i don't want this work to be for nothing...please someone help me, i would be very thankful.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2017 07:34

please check your log.txt, as it might contain some useful information about warning and/or errors.

You could upload your log.txt to a side like pastebin and post a link to that upload here.
Without any further information it's quite hard to guess what's going wrong ;)


Gabi Barbus (Unknown) 18.09.2017 11:21
Hello Emil,

This is the link to my log.txt on pastebin and i think from what i saw that there are a lot of problems and warnings and errors, but the compatibility and performance are caused by the textures, from what i know, which i'm not done optimizing them yet, but i don't think this has to do with my problems.

Thanks in advance,

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.09.2017 06:54

you are right. There are plenty of warnings and errors in your log.txt.
You should really try to keep it as clean as possible.
Actually 'zero tolerance' would be the way to go.

So, you also have the following error in your log:
Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Cultivator.lua(155) : attempt to index field 'fieldJobManager' (a nil value)
This indicates that there might be no valid fields set up )transformgroups that define the size of a field).
You need at least one valid field to make the game work correctly.
Setting up fields should be explained here and there ;)
You can also have a look at a default map to see how fields have to be set up.


Gabi Barbus (Unknown) 19.09.2017 11:00
Thanks a lot for all your support, i made exactly how you said and it worked just fine. And beside this, I stayed up all night (to ghet lucky) lol:))...and I optimized all the textures and all the other errors that messed up with my game and now the game and the map in the Giants Editor loads up in seconds *-*
Thank you, again

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