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Created18.09.2017 18:31

Maaslandmods Author (Maaslandmods) 18.09.2017 18:31

Beunheas (Twan NL) and me are working on an axe as handtool for FS 17.

More info;

Rakiin, Wopster and TyKonKet helped us with the .lua.

But there still one problem.
None of us knows if (and how) to make the swinging movement on the axe.
Could somebody help us?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.09.2017 07:00

that depends on what you do in your .lua and how the general setup is.
But as you already have a custom lua I'ld say that you should be able to find a way for that more or less easily.

Eventually you could explain your problem a bit more detailed so that we can understand where the actual problem is.


Maaslandmods Author (Maaslandmods) 19.09.2017 14:22
We took the original chainsaw script, deleted some sounds.
Deleted the shake thing (rocking of the chainsaw engine)
And that is it I think.

So like a real axe we have to make the swing animation but don't know how to make it work for a Handtool.

R Harris (Unknown) 22.09.2017 01:16
@Maaslandmods Author That's about all the help your going to get from Emil they want everyone to work stuff out by them self's. help one to much then everyone will want that and feel like they are picking who to help more, just going to have to try and fail till you see what works.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.09.2017 09:49

sometimes we have too much to do to be able to take a look at the forum.

Anyway ...
I think you should try to seperate the node which detects the tree and the visual representation node of the chainsaw.
This way you can continue to search for a tree while swinging the axe.

I needed to take a closer look at the scripts to be able to help you in more detail.
But I think it's more fun for you to figure out how it could be done :)
Plus you can implement in such a way that the final results fullfills your needs.


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