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Created23.09.2017 01:07

John Young (Unknown) 23.09.2017 01:07
Hey everyone,
I pulled a mod from FS15. I downloaded the Cat999F (big front end loader for mining). I converted it using the Giants Editor. I changed a few invalid case errors and everything else seemed to go away when I ran the mod again. It loads up fine in FS17. No problems whatsoever. I'm on Rambow's Dig Dirt map and it won't pick up any form of material (coal,dirt,etc). Even piles dumped from the loader laying on the ground, it can't pick anything up. Any help or directions to get this bad boy to start loading dirt.
Thanks in advance for any help or tips.

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 23.09.2017 07:39
Been a while since I looked at a loader. Even then that guys a little different because it has its own bucket attached already. So I'm assuming U had to make its own equipment functions in the mod desc correct? Then another thought is checking the categories/filltype it accepts, then compare shovel bucket/shovel nodes to urs.
Even if u want to keep your own i suggest googling pv17. They have a forum and I'm pretty sure there is a working link for that loader. Just to simply use it as a reference.

R Harris (Unknown) 23.09.2017 11:26
All the fill types in Dirt dig map uses in game code so no more need for the fill planes. Your best bet is to copy the in game wheel loader i3d stuff that makes the shovel work and the xml code, Then code it all in and make it all work for the big mining loader.

John Young (Unknown) 23.09.2017 22:45
Thanks for the reply. I'm new to all of this. Is their anyway you can give me a run down on how to do all of this? Im familiar with some of it but not enough to have a idea on how to start it.

John Young (Unknown) 23.09.2017 22:46
I don't know how to code it in for the mining loader form the i3d stuff and the xml code

R Harris (Unknown) 26.09.2017 09:27
this week I will be doing that loader, then you can copy from it and see how I did it. ;)

John Young (Unknown) 26.09.2017 16:24
Thank you so much! I been looking all around for that loader. Should I keep checking in on your website?

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