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Editing a map and then playing on it

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Created23.09.2017 18:42

Harry Coulthwaite (Hazzardrake) 23.09.2017 18:42
I got woodside farm on fs17 and when played on it found a few collinsions so i edited it in Giants Editor and now wondering how to reinstate the map so me and a friend can play on it. Any help greatly recieved :)

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 23.09.2017 18:50
So that you can pay in multiplayer?
You must create a map zip, but it does not work if you simply zip up the files using winzip or similar. Instead you must use the Giants editor to 'publish' the map, which will create a working zip file.

Open Giants Editor (but do not double click on the map i3d, instead open Giants Editor so that it is empty at first).
Now select 'open mod' and open your edited map(select the modDesc to open the map).
Now select publish mod.

Save it.

Assuming there are no other errors this will create a legitimate zip file that will run in multiplayer.

Emily Garst (Unknown) 09.04.2018 18:12
helped a lot thx

Earl Falcon (FalconModding) 25.11.2018 05:20
Sorry, I simply can't find the "New Thread Button" on this forum. So Im going to ask my question here.

I made a map for FS19, and in the Editor the Ground shows, But if I load my map into the game, there is not ground...
I've tried searching for the answer and fix but have not found anything, Ive also tried searching for the same thing for FS15 and 17 but still no luck. So I'm here asking, Ill show you a Screenshot Link -->

Anyhelp would be greatly Appreciated.

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