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Is there anyway to immobilize a "trailer" joint?

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Created25.09.2017 22:55

Dog Face (Dogface) 25.09.2017 22:55
I am trying to get a tool attached to the stock pickup truck, which only has "trailer" or "trailerLow" attacherJoints.

I need the tool (trailer) to be fixed, not move back-and-forth or up-and-down.

<inputAttacherJoint index="0>0|1" jointType="trailer" attacherHeight="0.935" />

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 26.09.2017 15:03
Copy and paste the following into that line, it should do the trick:


Dog Face (Dogface) 26.09.2017 19:17

Wow, thank you very much JBran. I researched first and could not find any way to do this. I decided it was impossible.

You are very generous to share your time and knowledge, thank you.

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