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Created26.09.2017 15:55

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 26.09.2017 15:55

I am making a seeder mod, and have created a soil animation (the soil animation around the ground engaging components), using a single soil mound from a standard ingame cultivator, separated from the rest in maya, and then resized, shifted, and duplicated quite a number of times, before combining the meshes to create one mesh, as the standard ingame equipment is. It works OK but the texture flashes from the soil texture to black, and then eventually back to soil texture every now and then, just randomly. What would be causing this. I have tried to get some screenshots to show what I am referring to.

Soil texture as normal:

And then turns to black:

Cheers for any help.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.09.2017 07:20

worth a shot would be 'assigning a normal map' to the material in your 3D modeling program.
By this the shape should get exported with 'more information'
Just use our default normal map from the 'data/shared' folder.


Joshua Branson (Unknown) 03.10.2017 00:50
Cheers Emil, that seems to have fixed it!!

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