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Created02.10.2017 11:01

Laurent Jourdas (Unknown) 02.10.2017 11:01
I have maya 2018 and I do not find the file
because the giant link tells me to install it manually

I have the same problem with blending the files ñ'exist not
sorry for my english google translation

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.10.2017 15:58

the i3d exporter is not yet ready for Maya 2018.


Vava71 Thevenin (Unknown) 23.03.2018 18:49
Anglais,English: Hi me I can not do the plugin manualy what could help me please (maya2017) Regards
Francais,French: Salut moi je n arrive pas a faire le plugin manualy quel qun pourait m aider SVP (maya2017)Cordialement

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