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Created02.10.2017 20:38

P Tschirhart (AwesomeLiquor) 02.10.2017 20:39
Hello all,

have a few comments and questions

Giant seems to fall short on info, and tutorials are for old game. and are mostly useless, due to changes within the game.
sample maps.
Does anybody have a "real one" something that does have all the stuff preprogramed for a totally different 'map'( always contains and holds all info from "toren down map" - example' hotspots' even after changeing in map01.xml user attributes- still refers to 'old settings/placement'

***** if there is a group or individual, that may wanna take me in, and show me the ropes. i would be greatly appreciative *******

1. where can you find UP TO DATE, info . Giant seems to fall short on info, and tutorials are for old game. and are mostly useless, due to changes within the game?

2. any place with a list of user attributes and info ? ( string commands ---- stationName etc, boolen commands ----- appearsOnPDA etc )

3.why can you not find anything on' PDA', except pda hud pic, where is all that info ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.10.2017 06:44

1. Here is plenty of information:

We also have video tutorials to show the basics of modding and a lot of things can be used in FS17 as they have been used in FS15.

2. Nope. Except you take a look at the script documentation and find the object you are looking for.

3. Typically we do not publish our code for the GUI.


P Tschirhart (AwesomeLiquor) 06.10.2017 15:28
the tutorials i have watched and Know a little code from windows 3.1 ;)

the tiggers set up in tutorials are basic and do not inclued gameplay scenarios " data$/ missions.lua " this is a big and important part that is left out

noticing you have to make certain tiggers " FARMER 1 - FARMER 2 MANURE - FARMER 3 SLURRY -TOWN BAKERY" . and this is to ensure that your game operates. with the GAME LUA. very important part to leave out. and if this is the change. when 17 came out. where GE took control over data$/missions GE private GUI

you missed a few questions like "user attributes " now, this can not be private, because, is how we are allowed to interact with the game. and there should be a list of what "can" and "cannot" be done, from user perspective.

and the PDA question, where is the info on what the PDA is WHAT it does, And how to work with it, (since the only PDA file available to us is the PDA MAP

is my english that bad, that people cannot read every word? or is it that people have, selective reading and comprehention habits?
when talking to people , whom i have paid MONEY to , i expect them to pay attention and answer the questions (all of them) i have. if not your just a money grubbing company, and should be looked at on wheather to ask for refund.

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