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Error: No vertices to create navigation mesh.

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Created07.10.2017 00:58

Melih Kamaci (Unknown) 07.10.2017 00:58
Hello; i am not modder. i just wanted to make bigger map for playing myself. its 16x map and i imported somethings from another mapmod. i am stuck at navigation mesh creating. so i have no idea why i'm getting that error. im doing correct steps in my opinion. maybe i missed somethings to change. my exported map is not same size, maybe its doing error. if i get responde from someone it has to be explained simple. im starter grade. thanks

i also have Error: buildNavigation, could not create solid heightfield.

Melih Kamaci (Unknown) 08.10.2017 00:27
thanks if someone tried to find out what was the my silly fault. now i solved. it was about infolayer.grle size.

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