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Created01.11.2017 21:55

Kendall Demott (HC1Gunner) 01.11.2017 21:55
I did some searches, but I really did't find anything pertaining to my questions.

1. Basically I want to add my Farm Logo to some of my equipment.

2. I was wonder what tools or software I would need?

I do have access to Maya 17

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 01.11.2017 22:13
If it is a mod that you want to paint, then you will need to unzip it using WinRAR or winzip.
For default game equipment, search for the texture files and MAKE A BACKUP before editing the originals.

You only need a paint package that can edit dds files.
Find the diffuse texture file of the particular tractor or implement, and open it, paint your logo on and save it.

The only difficult bit is that there are numerous formats of dds so you need to save it in the right one. I think if you select DXT3 and also make sure 'generate mip maps' is ticked, it will probably be enough.

That's a very basic start, without getting into the other layers, normal, specular etc, but if you start by looking for the diffuse file, MAKE A BACKUP of any original files, edit it and save it, you should be able to start seeing some results.

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