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How to set "values" to cut tree

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Created02.11.2017 20:37

Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 02.11.2017 20:37
I know that I have written similar post but now I want to make it fully understand to everyone who want to make cuttable trees to LS/SF/FS

My problem is that even If I add shaders to my tree (branches, trunk) it do nothing (I can't cut the tree). I know that I have to have in my trunk line like ' splitType="X" ' but I can't find out how to set it in GE. Also I want to know how I have to set "collision mask" (If it is important).
I made screenshot how It looks and I pasted whole code of my tree:

Btw. I use Blender. I heard that Maya has full support to set this ;)
I hope You can help me.

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 02.11.2017 21:45
You can set the proper collision mask at tab Rigid Body (at "ff")And yes, its important i think ;)
You should look at tree settings on GoldCrest Valley, or Sosnovska.

/I don't know / dont use Blender, i prefer Maya. In Maya exporter, there is an option in to setup the splitType, and for splitUV-s too./


Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 05.11.2017 13:04
Could you make a video how you export tree (in maya)? I can't find any tutorial how to export it to work in game :( . This is annoying that I have around 40 trees but I can't use it.
That video will be very helpful.
Thanks for help,

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 05.11.2017 17:41
I think it would be better that you contact me via my public facebook, i'm sure you will find it ;)

Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 07.11.2017 18:39
So, Notready helped me so much and I figured out some things but there is another problem:
I have a "tree" which is one object (I just extruded cylinder). I have added two branches and:

1) There is a tip:
If you won't merge vertexs (which are in one point - in blender "remove doubles") collision mask won't work (It will be just a ghost body)

//Additional screenshots how it looks

2)I can't cut main branch to some point. As you can see I marked points whre I can't cut with "X".
also I upladed a video which shows "how it looks"

Maybe If you don't know how to "fix" it you know how to set properly attachments?
I have a trunk and 4 branches named as "attachments" but when I'm in game I can't cut it,
Every branch will dissapear after cutting main trunk;
Can I make more than one object as a attachment?

Thanks for help,

Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 12.11.2017 22:20
OK, few conversations I made it \o\
Few tips :

I used blender to generate trees with plugin so:

Main trunk has to haven't have any hole.

To make branch as a attachment you can't name it "attachments" in maya - name it branch1, branch2 etc. maya will "merge" it while exporting.

(I wached a tutorial and there was to set Z-up) It's wrong to make trees you have to use Y-up!! (otherwise you'll be able to cut ONLY from about halt tree to up).

While creating branches and merging it with leaves (in blender) you have to delete second UV:
also there have to be ONLY one texture/material. Exacly: objects (CHILDS) UNDER LOD0 has to have ONLY one texture for example:

Pivot point of evry branch have to be at "start growth of branch" (look yellow "dots"):

In attributes tab you have to set options next select object/objects and click "Apply Selected" (I've low res monitor and I don't saw this xx).

And there is timelapse of creating a tree (but I set resolution to HD and it cropped some screen ;( )

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