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Converting Placeable Pig Food Tank

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Created04.11.2017 10:28

Martin Simons (Zagan) 04.11.2017 10:28
I'm trying to convert "FS17_placeablePigFoodStation" by Swedish Bonna Team (Like the placeable seed and fertilizer refill tanks) to a placeable powerFood tank that will sell TMR. I changed the images and got them to work, the item shows up in the store (That in itself was a pain), the description and name show up in the store, but the thing won't trigger when I drive my vehicle up to it.

I'm really new to this modding stuff, GE is really confusing to me. Other than the images, I changed the fillType from pigFood to powerFood after looking up a list of fill types. Was I totally wrong here, can this even be done?

R Harris (Unknown) 07.11.2017 01:48
This what your wanting? Make sure your game is updated check it out

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