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1.5.1 patch map problem

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Created07.11.2017 19:04

William Rowe (Bonger76) 07.11.2017 19:14
I had 1.4.0 patch and map worked good multi fruit ,fabscript,ccmmod,been to much going on to play just strarted again so thought i should load latest
patch 1.5.1 and now game crashes when loading just the map no errors but one something about sugarcain Hud i dont have suragcainon my map.
Has any one had this problem,cant fix it if it wont show any errors.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 09.11.2017 15:45
The problem was the new fruittype sugarCane made my map have to many filltypes so removed one of them and no more gamecrash with patch1.5.1 but made a lot of work to fix map when i dont even have sugarCane on map and lost filltype I did whant.

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 12.11.2017 19:43
The problem is not with the amount of fill types but with the heaps/tipOnGround max amounts.

In the AdditionalMapTypes section of the modDesc.xml, find all the fill types with the useHeap="true" and change true to false.

You can only have 14 different fill/fruit types in the heaps/tipOnGround, any more and the game wont load.

So William you can add your fill type back in providing you don't have more than 64 of course

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