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Output sate of game to USB serial port

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Created16.11.2017 00:01

Eric Coan (Unknown) 16.11.2017 00:01
Hi Everyone,

I am making a custom controller for FS17 and would like to have things like a RPM gauge on it that matches up with the RPM gauge in the game. I figured I would do this using an Arduino Due to simulate a keyboard / mouse or maybe a joystick for input. The Arduino can then set the RPM gauge or speedometer based on serial data a custom mod would have to be constantly feeding to the USB port. So long story short is there anyway to send data over a serial port from a mod?

Brian Greer (Unknown) 26.11.2018 02:28
Eric (or anyone else), ever have any luck in doing this? I have some custom controls built that talk to FS17, but want communication from FS17 to custom display.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.11.2018 20:19
Since the FS is running in a 'sandbox', it can't access regular system I/O functions.
One can only work with XML files. That means you need a custom LUA script for FS, which writes continously your values into XML file. And an external program which reads this file and controls your external display or whatever.

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