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Created17.11.2017 03:27

Stephen Westcott (swestcott) 17.11.2017 03:27
Can anyone tell me where the new DLC i3d map for the platinum edition is install, I just can not see it, but it running. This is via Stream.
Thanks in advance

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 17.11.2017 14:09
Dlc content is encrypted. You can't access to those files

Thomas A. (Unknown) 20.11.2017 14:31
X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 17\pdlc\platinumEdition.dlc

You can extract it, but can't modified it.

Sorin Mathieu (Unknown) 24.12.2019 18:54
comment peut-on l'extraire ?

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