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cutting down large tree's on the new platium map

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Created20.11.2017 11:21

Tom Belter (Wis_Tex) 20.11.2017 11:21
on the nw south American map there is very wide/large tree's next to the cow area I would like to remove to make more room... I have tried everything to cut them down and everything is to small even the brunks mod anyone have any idea's since you cant mod the dlc map thanks

Eric Coan (Unknown) 21.11.2017 16:50
Does the hand-held chain saw not work? I believe you can also cut down trees with a stump grinder angled up right so the blade hits the tree.

Tom Belter (Wis_Tex) 22.11.2017 03:32
I tried the chainsaw . tree saw ..and stump grinder none of them worked at a loss the tree;s r to big

Eric Coan (Unknown) 22.11.2017 16:50
Hmm, might not be a normal tree, but more of a static entity on the map.

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