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Making cutable trees

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Created18.12.2017 19:15

Ondřej Karel (Franta5328) 18.12.2017 19:15
I can make trees in blender and maya but, when I put them in the game they do not cut, I want to first learn how to make a tree without leaves
I would need some help, rather video

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N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 19.12.2017 17:34
You can only do it in Maya. Don't forget to set up splitUV-s (with proper UV map), and set the splitType too in Giants Exporter. Check the vanilla game trees for collision bit ;)

Ondřej Karel (Franta5328) 19.12.2017 20:56
thank you i will try it

Ondřej Karel (Franta5328) 20.12.2017 16:30
So I made the tree but now I have a new problem and with the tie downs, when I put my logs on the tow (the original) it is as if they can not see and do not stick these logs

Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 21.12.2017 08:26
@Ondrej Karel
I have a tutorial on my channel about this but it is in Polish - if you can't understand what I'm saying just mute video and follow my steps ;)
I hope that video will help you but I have some tips from this tut for you

Main tree branch can't have any hole - for ex. you create a cylinder and it has faces on top and bottom
If you want make cuttable branches like in LS17 spruce you have to make like this: (MAIN TRUNK) and under it, as a childgrens, put branches, also when you edit in blender change axises from GLOBAL to LOCAL and it has to be Y-up. - branches has to have one material/texture so merge texture of wood and branch into one texture. You have to change pivot point of branches to its beginning that you could cut it in this place (it will disappear)

I could make a video in English or add subtitles for this if you want.

Ondřej Karel (Franta5328) 21.12.2017 12:22
I watched your videos and helped me a lot, the trees work and they are going to cut
I'm not modeling a tree from start, but I just "straighten" the original pine04
and there were some mistakes
1) when I load 6m of a log in the wagon, they do not bind me (viz. foto)
2 I can not import leaves to maya

sorry for my bad english

Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 23.12.2017 11:24
I can't help you (for now) with first problem.
How are you importing leaves - every branch is separate or they are merged? Maybe in exporter you selected "export selected"

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 24.12.2017 09:11

I think that is not possible to edit already triangulated objects in Maya for making a tree. The leaves will be merged into one mesh when you export it from Maya, so you can't import leaves as separate object.

Ondřej Karel (Franta5328) 24.12.2017 17:41
Ok thanks for answers

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