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Only in multiplayer: Giants Engine 7.0.0 has stopped working

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Created29.12.2017 10:30

Regis Bily (dragon500) 29.12.2017 10:30

here is the problem that we can not play in a multiplayer on a new map: Giants Engine 7.0.0 has stopped working and the hosting host of the game receives this message when the sync exceeds 10% and it finds "eject while the other player stays?

the map works very well solo. no errors to log either solo or multi. weird? (test in multi without mod idem solo with and without but it works)

we checked several times the map everything ok

I will look more at a problem with the latest updates fs17 or windows?

Do you have any info about this?

thank you in advance.

Regis Bily (dragon500) 05.01.2018 02:40


the trouble was finding after a few days of research thank you for paying attention to the issue.

that comes from the fact that the spline of the vehicles had been removed

once reinstall all works again as it must

thank you .

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