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Looking for explanation about how Field Dimensions work

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Created28.01.2018 18:41

Stephen Dracocardos (Unknown) 28.01.2018 18:41
For a game that is overflowing with amazing mods and great maps, there seems to be such a huge lack of decent concise tutorials. Can anyone explain to me in a way that is possible to understand, how the field dimensions work. I am trying to edit a map for some friends so we can play online together but I just cannot get my head around the creation of irregular shaped fields.

From looking at the Scenegraph, the field dimensions always seem to be groups of 3 corners together. That said, I cannot figure out the logic of how the corners are laid out. They seem totally random. Also, unless I am missing something, there does not seem to be a way to view the areas that have been laid out within the corners so how do you know if you have covered the entire field? Isn't there a way to see it like with the Nav Meshes you create for where the animals can walk around?

The map my friends and I are trying to use has only irregular shaped fields and I need to slightly alter a few of them in order to make room for a couple other things we want on the map.

Finally, I altered the fields but in a way that, I am sure people will tell me is incorrect, but it still seems to be working. One of the fields I needed to alter I simply put the first corner on one of the corners of the field and then I attached all the other corner assets to each of the corners of the field in a clockwise rotation around its perimeter. When I tested it out, it still seems to be working like that. Will I come across problems further down the line with that method?

Tim (sliv) (Unknown) 15.02.2018 18:46
Yep - lots of mods, not much "how did they do it" info - It's why I don't do more modding than I do, because of how much time it takes to reverse engineer things to "learn".

Anyway, this is an older page but it might have some useful info on field dimensions:

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