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Created15.02.2018 20:38

Justin Verret (Unknown) 15.02.2018 20:38
How do you create mods for ps4 or take mods from a pc system.someon else created and put them on mod hub on ps4

Tim (sliv) (Unknown) 16.02.2018 00:10
You can't take PC mods and put them on PS4 yourself, it's locked down by Sony and Giants.

Justin Verret (Unknown) 16.02.2018 02:56
Then who can?

Tim (sliv) (Unknown) 16.02.2018 18:59
only Giants. Modders have to upload mods to mod hub web site and if Giants decides they can go to console, then they will. They usually have to have no user scripts, and meet a much more strict criteria than pc mods before Giants will publish them to console. That's why PC has a ton more mods than console has.

Ryan Sanford (Unknown) 23.02.2018 04:17
So when will there be new mods posted to ps4 console?

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