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Having trouble with map i3d

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Created25.02.2018 03:49

Henry Petkau (SlootScooter) 25.02.2018 03:49
Everything I edit or add into my i3d file is being deleted/reset when I enter GE and save the changes, so I cant add or do anything with my map i3d files, how do I fix this?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.02.2018 12:14
Make sure, the GE has permission to write to your destination folder.
In doubt, start the GE with right click -> "run as administrator"

Henry Petkau (SlootScooter) 25.02.2018 20:48
What do you mean by "permission to write to your destination folder", and my GE does run in administrator mode.

Henry Petkau (SlootScooter) 25.02.2018 20:53

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.02.2018 13:20
You know, the permissions are controlled by Windows UAC (user account control)? The exact behaviour is different between Win home, pro, entertain, ..
So go sure, the folder you want to write in, is in fact accessible by the program (here GE).

To avoid this problem, start the GE in admin. mode _and_ better use a neutral working directory (e.g. "C:\FS17_modWork"), which isn't supervised by the UAC.
Also don't use dislocated directories like webspace (eg. OneDrive).

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