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Failing to create a field from starter mod

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Created07.03.2018 00:15

Chris Coulson (chrisbitz) 07.03.2018 00:15
I feel so bad stumbling at the very first hurdle!

I've downloaded the sample mod map, (v1.2) that apparently has 1 of all the basics in it, but it doesn't have any fields.

So I've copied a field from another map, and it appears correct in GE, with the fieldbuytrigger visible, but as soon as I put it in the game, the light form the fieldbuytrigger is visible, but the actual trigger icon is invisible.

Can anyone suggest a basic map that comes WITH a working field? Or suggest what I'm doing wrong?


Skreek Skreekoh (Unknown) 20.03.2018 03:30
Here's a great tutorial.

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