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How to add grass/hay/silage bales to a map?

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Created17.03.2018 01:03

Anders Jansson (Adde77) 17.03.2018 01:03
I play with seasons alot and want to start with a couple of cows and/or pigs when i start a new map and to be able to do that i need a couple of bales to start with.How do i import them into the map?When i try to import the silage bale it doesnt work,its just a "ghost" bale.And i use a diffrent mod folder/folders than the stock one sense i play diffrent maps all the time.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.03.2018 11:26
You cannot add functional vehicles or objects within the map.i3d (only for decoration).
You have to add them in the startup "defaultVehicles.xml".

Anders Jansson (Adde77) 17.03.2018 19:56
aha,ok,thank u.Do u know how to?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.03.2018 04:18
For reference see the "careerVehicles....xml" in the folder "profileTemplate".

Just an easy way:
Start a new map, produce one or some bales, save the game and see in "savegame../vehicles.xml" for your bale(s). Copy these xml entries into your map's "defaultVehicles.xml" - perhaps adapt the positions (position="x y z") to your needs.

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