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FS15-FS17 Conversion Mod - Camera Issue

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Created18.03.2018 06:47 (glenn52) 18.03.2018 06:47
Mod loads OK
No errors in log
In game, when rotating external camera it gets locked in position 'below ground' looking up at vehicle.
In the mod.xml I used "useWorldXZRotation="false" " to overcome this, but this setting reverses user actions for camera.
Any ideas??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.03.2018 01:27
Check within GE your camera's settings.
An external camera should have only a z-translation, nothing else.
Other translations and rotations setup via the parent TG.
Also especially look for possible earlier scaling of parent TGs, in case normalize the scaling to 1. (glenn52) 20.03.2018 06:55
Thanks Bilbo for your reply

The outdoorCamera translation settings were wrong, reset them to default FS15 - only Z
Parent TG settings OK, scaling OK

Appreciate the assist!!

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