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Created27.03.2018 23:14

Chandler Sulffridge (gp50bn) 27.03.2018 23:14
On the JenzHEM583 i want to use the pipe for my own wood chipper but i can,t understand how it works. It seems the whole thing is one piece so how does it all move seprately. I have already seprated the pipe from the rest of the body in blender but i have no idea how im gona make it move like it does in game. Its all one peice can someone please explain this to me? Also i want to use the crane aswell but its the same as the pipe. But thats not all the exaust pipe flap on the case IH1455 is all one piece and i can't find any refrence to it in the xml ether .

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 29.03.2018 03:11
It probably moves with the help of the .xml file

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