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Buildings turn white when put ingame

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Created03.04.2018 04:13

Tyler Wensman (Unknown) 03.04.2018 04:13
hello i need some help, i am creating my own map from scratch of my farm. when i am in the editor some the buildings are coloured/textured then when i put it in the game it turns white or becomes invisible. i have tried many things like putting the textures from the buildings int the textures folder but they dont work. if anyby could help me that would be great.

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 03.04.2018 13:36
Your texture files are in the wrong place all files need to be in the folder being zipped if you imported it open the material editor window for the building and make sure the texture files are not in a folder that is not in the root of your map.

I hope this helps

Tyler Wensman (Unknown) 03.04.2018 19:20
what file do i put the textures in. do i put them in the textures file or in the map01 file or just in the maps file. how do i tell what to look for in the material editing window in giants

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.04.2018 02:51
See the GE console or log. There is reported, which files are not acessible.
Either these files are missing or the file path is wrong.

Tyler Wensman (Unknown) 04.04.2018 03:21
i figured it out and they work fine thanks for the help.

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