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grleConverter create black picture

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Created21.04.2018 22:12

Ticho / Drewcz (drewCZ) 21.04.2018 22:12
When I try to convert any grle or gdm file, using convert.cmd, output is only black picture. I was try a lot of variants how to write cmd, but no luck. Now i try to use default configuration:
@echo off
rem This ....
grleConverter.exe seasons_density.gdm -out output.png

Any ideas?

Thank you, DrewCZ

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.04.2018 09:56
Many GDM files only appear as black, but indeed there are different colors, sometimes only detectable by examining the RGB values.

Since you have as example the "seasons_density.gdm", might be the seasons mod uses a monochrome map at a certain time.
But could also be, the seasons mod's colormap has a different structure which the grleConverter cannot handle.
Perhaps ask the seasons mod authors for further infos.

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