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Created24.04.2018 19:39

Mike Leblanc (mikejl) 24.04.2018 19:39
Just wonder about something,

I make a bunch of edits to a mod, save it, put it in the game. Takes about 15 seconds to load the Farming Simulator game, mod works fine. Now if I open the mode again in Giants editor make one edit, put it back in the game now it takes 25 seconds for the Simulator game to load. It seems if I need to make more edits later after the mod has been saved, it just takes longer for the Farming Simulator game to load, it even takes longer for the mod to open in Giants editor. I don't even have to make any any edits to the mod, just saving it adds more load time for the game to start.

What could be wrong here?

Mike Leblanc (mikejl) 24.04.2018 19:42
I had one mod I had to start all over with after a few days of working on it it would take over 5 minutes to load in the game. same in the editor. I have checked the log and see no errors, and once the game starts the mod works fine in the game.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.04.2018 22:31
That happens often, if you use non-ASCII characters or spaces, eg. for labels.
You should only use characters "a-z", "A-Z", "1-0" and "_" instead space. Labels should begin with a letter.

Reason is: the XML parser (an i3d has XML structure) doesn't handle Unicode properly.

You'll see it, if you compare your edited mod with the original. The file size has most probably expanded significantly.

Mike Leblanc (mikejl) 25.04.2018 00:31
Is there anyway to fix the mod?

I looked through the mod, and it does have spaces everywhere in the labels, and I tried taking out all the spaces, but the mod file size just keeps getting bigger. Just doing that the size went 180mb to 312mb. Yep, every time I mess with it it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.04.2018 02:47
I assume, you didn't make backups during your edit sessions? Now you know, why it is wise to do that. ;)

You can edit the id3 with a good text editor - I'd recommand notepad++
There you replace the spaces in labels with the underscore "_"
Look also for other non-ASCII characters, eg. language specific and exchange them with ASCII chars.

There is a good chance, the GE then processes the i3d properly.

If not, then forget the mod. If the author didn't know about such essentials, there are quite sure more failures otherwhere.

Mike Leblanc (mikejl) 25.04.2018 03:21
Yes, I was able to go back to an earlier save, where the mod only took 10 seconds to load. So I had to rebuild everything in one go, no save until I was done, and now the finished mod still loads in 10 seconds. So all is good now.

It seems if you make all the saves in one session, everything is ok, but if you close then come back in make a save the file size doubles, and doubles every time you do that. So with this mod, best to do everything in one session and try not to save until you're done. At first I didn't realize the file just kept getting bigger and bigger after every save.

I will try your suggestion and see if I can fix the mod.

Thanks again

Mike Leblanc (mikejl) 25.04.2018 05:23
This is what's making the file size bigger, it goes on forever


Mike Leblanc (mikejl) 25.04.2018 06:31
Deleted all the stuff, file size down to 81 kb, now loads Lickety-split.

Mike Leblanc (mikejl) 25.04.2018 06:48

Now can save with no added junk.

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