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Cannot open GDM file for writing

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Created27.04.2018 00:38

Connor Powell (Unknown) 27.04.2018 00:38
Having a lot of trouble trying to save my map work from using a blank starter map, done a lot of terrain and foilage detailing but I can't save my work at all due to this weird console error in GE.

GE will save the buildings positions but all terrain and foilage will go back to the default blank starter map.

So all objects become buried underneath the terrain.

The console displays "Cannot open GDM file for writing" for about 10 lines then underneath that says Sceneograph saved blah blah blah..

I'm having to keep the application open all the time, otherwise I lose all my work, so it's a real pain.

Hope someone can fix this issue,


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.04.2018 01:18
"Cannot open ... for writing" usually means:
a) your storage medium is full
b) the Windows UAC (user account control) doesn't allow writing to the folder you selected.
c) the file exists, but it is write protected

Try "save as .." or better "export all with files" to a neutral folder (not controlled by Win UAC). Of course make sure, there is enough space available.

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