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GE Error that Don't make sence

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Created28.04.2018 18:22

Roger Cote (GreasyX) 28.04.2018 18:22
i have an Error Error:Failed to open xml file C/User/Roger/Desktop/Crater_Valley/FS17_Crater_Valley/maps/textures/terrain/distance/foliage_rape_distance7_diffuse.png
got this Error after adding Hops to Fruit

this is a multi Fruit map
I also have an issue with Harvesting Rye
it is gray in color
and when you harvest it turns to a nice gold color
But does not Remove Leaves the Bloomed plant behind
does harvest does creat windrow
just don't remove

any i dears would be appriciated

Thanks for your Time
Have a great day :-)

Adam Greno (Adam_LS) 14.05.2018 02:41
If you convert that .png texture to .dds texture, it still says error?

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