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LUA error with Water Trough Add-on

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Created18.06.2018 04:32

Jim Peterson (JimmytheGeek) 18.06.2018 04:32
I'm working on editing a map - Central Kansas - that has an issue with the Water Trough Add-on. I'll refer to it as WTA from here on, for simplicity's sake.

The error "Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
C:/Users/Jim/Desktop/Working/CentralKansas2/maps/scripts/WaterTroughAddon.lua:674: attempt to call method 'getTroughCapacity' (a nil value)" keeps repeating whenever I walk into the trigger box.

As far as I can tell, there is no defined method or function called getTroughCapacity, nor can I find any reference to water trough capacity. Any ideas?

Jim Peterson (JimmytheGeek) 19.06.2018 03:44
Nevermind. I've contacted LS Mod Company and GTX says it's an issue with the enhanced chicken mod. I'm working on removing it from the map, at least until a fix is discovered by LS.

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 02.09.2018 12:28
Hey Jim,

This post was pointed out to me today so it is a little old now but I thought I would check in..

I am unsure what you mean by there is an issue with the enhanced chicken pack???
This is not the case, The Enhanced Chicken Pack and the WTA are 100% compatible with each other and have been since release as seen on this map. and many others ;-)

The error you are receiving is due to one of the scripts not being set up correctly on the map or a conflicting mod.

All the same I hope you have found a solution that works for you..


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