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Error with animals

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Created01.07.2018 12:43

Dawson Jarrett (mr711) 01.07.2018 12:43
this what it said when i went to buy cows or sheep or pigs

Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
dataS/scripts/gui/AnimalScreen.lua(182) : attempt to index field 'left' (a nil value)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.07.2018 13:17
Most probably a mod (or map) with non-standard animal handling causes this. Discard the mod.
Perhaps the log gives further hints. Else you must test stepwise by removing/adding the mods.

Dawson Jarrett (mr711) 01.07.2018 16:38
it did it when i added the livestock market into the map

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