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Created20.07.2018 18:53

Andrew Reid (drewre1d) 20.07.2018 18:53
I have a mod that the cab post color is wrong and Id like to change just that. Where would I start? Its not seperate in GE but Im not sure if Im on the right track.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.07.2018 07:28
Load the i3d into GE and activate the window "Material Editing".
Then select the cab. The "Diffuse Texture" is probably the part you want to change. Note the name of this file.
Perhaps changing texture properties in "Material Editing" is enough - just if the mod is converted from an earlier FS.
Else you must re-paint the texture in a gfx program (eg.
If you're lucky, the cab has an own texture, so you can edit easily.
But for usual it is part of a common texture for the whole vehicle surface. Use the gfx editor's tools like partial color selections to edit a certain range.

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