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need help creating a lua script

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Created09.08.2018 20:19

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 09.08.2018 20:19
I want to create a lua script to change the Cana Trans 600 trailer from a fillTypeCategories="silageTrailer" to a fillTypeCategories="bulk".
I haven't worked with this type of script before so an example to do this would be great.

I would make a standard mod of this but the canaTrans600.i3d.shapes file is encrypted.

I know you can use scripts to change things in the game so I hope to create a lua script to mod the Cana Trans 600 trailer.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.08.2018 16:43
Changing fillTypes with a LUA script is possible, but you'll need good programming experience in general LUA and FS scripting.

But why? It's much easier to change the fillTypes of a vehicle in the vehicle's XML.

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 11.08.2018 04:23
Hey Terry,

This should do as you need. I have not tested it as I do not have FS17 on my laptop so let me know if there is a problem.

This is basically a simple override for the fillable.lua that will change category 'silageTrailer' to 'bulk' and 'augerWagon' to 'bulk' in fillable vehicles using each category.

Just add the zip to your mods folder and enable it ;-)


Terry Lyle (Unknown) 11.08.2018 18:34
Thanks Andy. This is just what I needed. Works perfect for my Cana Trans 600 trailer.

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