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Created16.09.2018 21:49

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 16.09.2018 21:49
I am a bit confused about map submission to modhub. I received a response with a huge log of "Errors" even though my log is error free.

This one example in particular confuses me: : /foliage/ Error - Invalid compression mode (DXT3)

There are hundreds of these "errors" in the report Giants Mod team gave me. This is the default texture from giants not modified or re-saved for any reason. Is DXT3 not an acceptable mode any more?? It seems any texture not saved as DXT1 or 5 is listed as an error. \

Alos warnings for one or zero mimaps. Again, never did I read anywhere mipmaps were required for all textures.

Also, why can't i see or have a way to get all these supposed errors on my end? Giants has offered no way to understand what they need out of a map. I worked for months on this only to get a somewhat rude response about folder structure and where my shaders are, yet I download other maps on modhub that aren't American maps and their structure is much less clean than mine.

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 17.09.2018 01:10
1: " Invalid compression mode (DXT3) " Is no longer accepted and for good reason. It does not perform to the same level as (DXT5).
It has been this way for at least 6 - 8 months now. 99% of Giants textures are this way. There may be one or two that are not but this is just human error :-)

2. Mipmaps have "ALWAYS" been a requirement for in game textures. The only exceptions are GUI textures used for menus, icons and store images. This is the case with every game on the market. Mipmaps are very important and effect performance in a huge way.
Basically they are optimized sequences of images that decrees in resolution, the further you move away from the textured object the lower the resolution that is used. Thus making the game faster and smoother ;-)

3. There is no way in game except visually to check mipmaps (They will flicker and also have a huge quality from a long distance).
An easy way to check for mipmaps and compression is to use something like -- --

However Giants have made it easy for you by giving you the full list ;-)

4. With folder structure it has always been a requirement that shaders/ & shared/ folders are used correctly. It makes no sence to have a many as then you have 3 or 4 shaders doing the same thing. Also with Consoles it is a problem if they are in the wrong place.
This is no different fro the scripts folder. Some people place this in the maps/ but this is wrong. It should be in the root folder and this is why scripts calling source scripts are written this way. It is beyond me why people change it ;-)

End of the day you need to remember that rules change "for the better' as time goes on. So there will be maps and mods that may seem wrong but they are old releases. Also sometime Giants testers will miss one or two things, believe it or not they are humans also. It happens.

Giants modHub is still the best place to release mods and download them from. 95% of all other sites just allow bad mods with no mipmaps and 1000000 poly Scene Models that are not for games (Just about every JD Mod) or stolen / scrapped works that they can profit from.

Do not let giants returning you map get you down, they are trying to help make it perfect and in turn this will increase your skills to make better modder / map maker.

Hope some of this helps explain what is happening ;-)

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 19.09.2018 07:46
Much appreciated and well explained. I agree a map should be efficient and streamlined. I have all textures in one shared folder. I few stray shaders that were hard to track down. Completely unaware DXT3 was no longer accepted because this is the first im hearing it.

They clearly ran this map through some sort of debug/log procedure that is not available to map makers/modders. I think it would be easier to be able to run ones creation through this without having to submit it first.

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 26.09.2018 03:29
At this point it seems pointless. Having to go back and resave each image to DXT5 with mimaps, without a batch option is a no go. Guess I'll just scrap it.

Waka Haka (Unknown) 05.10.2018 15:07
Could you batch process the images and overwrite the existing?

Blobbyfarmer (blobbyfarmer) 06.10.2018 14:07
Can use program like Directory Opus to search for all dxt3 but still need to convert each file. still helps save a bit of time

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