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Created05.10.2018 19:53

David Brown (mrscsi) 05.10.2018 19:53
Ok as a static scenery creator FS 19 and it's new game engine has me worried... I have seen videos where people say it uses pbr and that giants has set surface colors and that only MAYA will be supported VAGUE crap like that....

Now IF there is a place with detailed specs that I am not aware of then if someone could tell me I would appreciate it. I know all my email to Giants goes unanswered...

I want to be ready and IF I have to learn MAYA I will but waiting until AFTER release for a game that is largely supported by user content is rather dumb

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 02.11.2018 12:59
giant works with blender, panic not say the web

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