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ZIP folder after GE work - NOload!?

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Created08.10.2018 20:50

Thomas H (Unknown) 08.10.2018 20:50
Hi there

After modifying in map (Nordfriesishe march v1.5) the game will not load. Red failure screen in FS17 shows that the game needs the map!?

Using 7zip to unzip and zip again.

..someone who have a hint?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.10.2018 00:56
Most probably you have packed the map wrong.
Examine the zip: I'd guess in first order appears the folder with your map? A typical rookie error. ;)

You must pack the components in such kind that the "modDesc.xml" is at first, else it cannot be found and this failure occurs.
For this you go into root folder where the "modDesc.xml" is located. Then mark all and pack the content. Afterwards move the .zip into mod folder. If you're working directly in mod folder you should delete or move the unpacked folder.

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