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Created06.11.2018 06:06

Richard Borba (Unknown) 06.11.2018 06:06
I am editing a map and in Giants editor 7.1 it shows only two fields planted. When I go in game, it shows 90% of my fields planted. Dose this to all my maps I downloaded. Is there a way to stop the game from doing that?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.11.2018 10:34
In game the (non-player) fields are cultivated by NPCs.
See the user attribute "npcIndex". Perhaps try to delete this attribute or set it to -1.
But are aware, that you can't do field jobs anymore if the field isn't owned by NPC.

Richard Borba (Unknown) 06.11.2018 16:19
I'm used to FS13 so I don't want to do anything to a field till I purchase it.

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