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Created05.12.2018 16:48

Gamling Hassel (Unknown) 05.12.2018 16:48
I have added a rear hitch to the Goldhofer low loader and fixed so that it follows when I extend or shorten trailers, but if I have anything connected to the trailer, the coupled trailer will not follow when I extend or shorten the trailer, but it is still connected. So what should you do to make it work ??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.12.2018 17:01
My first guess: you have a wrong node for the attacher. Check it by comparing i3d and xml nodes.

Gamling Hassel (Unknown) 05.12.2018 17:22
The nodes are the same in XML and i3D file. but the problem is when i extend or shorten the trailer the attached trailer just stand still, is like the attach node dosen't extend with the trailer as it should. but if i disconnet the attached trailer then attach it agian it's in the right place..

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.12.2018 17:30
Add the attacher (node) in the section where you have the trailer length variation, probably in <cylindered> <movingTools> or <movingParts>

Gamling Hassel (Unknown) 06.12.2018 13:39
Added attcher nodes to movingTool node="backPartPhysics" as dependentPart node and also as movingPart node with no errors in log but still the same problem.. i must be doing something wrong?!?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2018 15:02
Perhaps you did something wrong - but could also be, that an attacher (position) isn't updated continously.
You had to wait for the final script docs.
Until then look into existing (FS17) docs for attacher behaviour.

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