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FS17 - Modified GCV - Can't sell loose silage in barn

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Created06.12.2018 20:23

Thomas Barber (TB9Durkee) 06.12.2018 20:23
I'm planning a modified Goldcrest Valley map, but when I create a mod from the map in Giants Editor 7.1 - with no other changes to map - it's not possible in a game on new map to sell loose silage in the farm barn.

Steps : Open Giants Editor / New mod from game / Sample Mod Map 1 / Publish mod / New Career savegame on mod map

Any suggestions?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2018 20:45
Until the final script docs aren't published, I can only advise to use the same method as in the standard maps: use placeable sell stations, create custom xml files for these.

Thomas Barber (TB9Durkee) 06.12.2018 20:52
Yes, that would be a solution (I have used and investigated sell point mods), but I don't understand why every other built-in crop sale copies over from base map, except this one. Thanks for your input, though. --Tom

William Rowe (Bonger76) 07.12.2018 04:09
If this is for FS17 just add silage to the "WINDROW_STORAGE" the barn in your map01.xml

<tipTrigger index="WINDROW_STORAGE" stationName="station_barn" appearsOnPDA="true" isAreaTrigger="true" isSellingPoint="true" triggerWidth="6" >
<fillType name="grass_windrow" priceScale="3.25" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />
<fillType name="dryGrass_windrow" priceScale="3.75" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />
<fillType name="straw" priceScale="2.75" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />
<fillType name="silage" priceScale="1" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />
you can add anything that is in the map that you whant to sell here,you can added them to your storage to in the map01.xml like straw pigFood

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.12.2018 04:39
OMG .. I didn't notice "FS17". Forget what I've written. *g* I was mental in FS19.

Take William's recommendation, it's right.

Thomas Barber (TB9Durkee) 07.12.2018 15:21
Thanks, that solved it! (I copied the appropriate line from the base map01.xml, pasted it into my mod version, worked a treat!) I appreciate the help, teaching me something new - happy farming ;) -- Tom

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