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Export 1.2 patch Ravenport map

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Created13.12.2018 15:39

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 13.12.2018 15:39
Hello farmers and modders
Like the title say, i want yo export the Ravenport base map for my personal edit and use.
Wich GE version works better.
And if someone wanna help in how i need yo do it.
Thanks in advance

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.12.2018 16:18
Use the latest GE 8.1 (beta) - DL here on GDN.
There are some points to respect for a proper result:
- open the map with GE
- select "new mod from game" and choose the right map
- choose a folder you may have created before, better don't use desktop folder
- the possible query "get parent directory structure" you DENY
- for safety quit the GE

Now you can fiddle around with your new mod map. It's very useful to make backups from time to time - just for beginners.
For game the map must be certainly in the game's mod folder.

Due to a bug you might have to adapt filepathes in "defaultItems.xml" and "defaultVehicles.xml - change pathes "$data/.." to "data/..".

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 13.12.2018 19:09
Wonderfull help. Thanks so much!

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