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Created15.12.2018 12:03

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 15.12.2018 12:03
Hello farmers and modders
I edit a Ravenport map for personal use, just deleting the trashy yard and terraformig here and there....
Everything works okay, but when i use the ingame landscaping tool notices 2 or 3 painting textures are missing (forest grass and dirt/grass textures)
I started a new game with the edited map and the textures gone, starting a new game with standard map textures are ok.
The problem its just in the landscaping tool, the textures un game are ok.
Any help to solve that i really apreciate.
Thanks in advance and lets plow

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.12.2018 14:19
See map.xml <groundTypeMappings> - there you can add desired ground types. Of course they must be contained in the map.i3d.

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 15.12.2018 21:09
Thanks so much Bilbo Beutlin.
I found the error looking at game files vanilla map.xml because i saw other edited map and all has the same error.
Looks like a GE 8.01 bug when export the map.
Thanks again.

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