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FS17 FARM_Silo Trigger problem

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Created19.12.2018 04:13

Jake Ziller (dozerjz63) 19.12.2018 04:13
I have been searching far and wide for an answer to my issue, here it is:
I deleted the original Farm Silo from a modded map and put in a new one. I now for the life of me cannot figure out why i can dump on the "IN" trigger, but not even try to fill out of the "OUT" trigger. The trigger shows up on my PDA map, I am lost. If someone can point me in the right direction to look in on this, it would greatly be appreciated and I will compensate whomever helps me out with this. This is week 3 with no luck figuring this out.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.12.2018 14:39
In FS19 the gameplay relevant objects are represented by 'placeholders' on the map. That means merely deleting the object from i3d doesn't effect the game.
When starting a new career, the objects are inserted by the "defaultItems.xml". This is similiar to the "defaultVehicles.xml" for vehicles and moveable objects.

So you must adapt the "defaultItems.xml" for making your changes operative.
Notice also: each object has its own .xml for properties - other than earlier FS, where most properties were in i3d user atributes.

Jake Ziller (dozerjz63) 19.12.2018 18:45
What about in FS17? I do not see a "defaultitems.xml" anywhere- Thank you for our time

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.12.2018 19:22
sorry - I didn't pay attention to full title *g* .. the last time only FS19 questions appeared.

In FS17 the (output) siloTrigger must have certain user attributes. Simply copy a functional siloTrigger with all sub-transforms into your silo system and adapt the values. Important: it must have a unique 'saveId'.
Possibly you have to adjust the 'storageRadius' of corresponding tipTrigger so the siloTrigger is in range.

The input tipTrigger can either have its properties in i3d (user attributes) or when linked by xmlFile=.. in this xml.

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